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These photo's are from Thaao's trip over Christmas 2002, to Spain & Morocco.

Thaao with his driver.

Ruins of Volubilus, 1st Century Roman City on the way to Casablanca

Ruins of Volubilus

The 'Acropolis' - Volubilus

View from the terrace - Fez, Morocco

Fez, Morocco

Overlooking the city of Fez, Morocco

Mosque - Fez, Morocco

This photo of Thaao and 'the birds' was taken in Milan, just after getting off the plane. I'm sure Alfred in lurking around somewhere!

Christmas Eve - Milan

Shopping for Christmas Eve dinner - Valencia, Spain

Making deals in the Medina

Dyeing fabric. Beautiful photo, just like a picture!

More shopping for food? Notice the brains on the left hand side, YUM

Marrakech, Morocco

Standing in front of the cup Christ drank from at the last supper.

This is the arm of a 16th century Saint. Wonder where the rest of him is?

Opera House - Spain