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My sister Connie
My Mum & a relative
My Mum & her sister Maria
Uncle Bill
My Dad, a friend, and my Godfather
Me in the middle, my Mum and my Aunt (in white hat) with relatives
My Mum and Dad (with me), Connie and Pauline


Mum and Dad, cousins, aunts & uncles
My cousins wedding
Mum & Uncle Bill
Mum, Dad, my two sisters and my brother-in-law
Mum, Dad and Dad's sisters
My two Aunts, my cousin and Mum
A Greek dance with Uncles & Aunts from Mum's side of the family (I'm on the left side next to George)
Dad and a friend

Dad with Leann
My Brother George with cousin Connie

Dad, Me, Mum, Uncle Jim, Pauline and George