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"In our fast-paced (often chaotic) world, we frequently overlook the small gestures that can have such a powerful impact on us and also those around us. A simple smile or hug or "I love you" can deliver amazing shifts in a person's life and circumstances. I know of more than one account where a simple act of kindness saved an individual from attempting suicide, and brought them to discover a joyful transformation of their lives.
"Remember to Hug" is a book filled with inspiring stories that will motivate you to enjoy happier living. All of us are interconnected with each other. We cannot make a choice, which does not in some way affect another. We are our brother's keeper, as the Bible and other religious teachings express. Taking a moment from our busy schedule to smile at someone or give a hug may make a tremendous difference in the world. Can you imagine if a smile that you gave out to another this morning was passed on to two or three others, and they in turn passed it on to a few more! Your smile could possibly create a chain effect that could travel around the globe. Isn't that an amazing thought? It is my intention here to color our world with happiness. Each person that reads my book and follows my lead can create an earthquake of joy, which can resonate throughout the universe". ~ Patricia Dejoseph.

Below is selection from Pat's new book. This beautiful and inspiring journey will be available through Amazon in September. Please visit Pat's web site for more information on this exceptionally gifted lady.

                                                  FEEL THE LOVE

"Hugs are an expression of God's Love transmitted through us.  Hugs are also an impression-expressing our love-which leaves an imprint on the heart of another-- receiving our love.  Hugging is basic love being demonstrated.  Our very beginnings on this planet give evidence to the importance of hugging.  As tiny infants, we quickly learn to extend our arms to be picked up and to be loved.  Touching gives us more insight into our exciting new world than our visual contact.  Our mother's touch calms and comforts us.  We feel safe and protected in her arms.  And we connect with the love emanating from her heart.

Hugs not only extend a message of love and caring, but they also offer a message of hope.  They offer us a reason to move forward, when we feel so desperate that we do not want to try to make our situation better.  Knowing that we matter to someone else makes our own efforts seem worthwhile.  All of us go through moments when we feel alone or afraid-when life appears more challenging than we are equipped to handle.  But that one moment, when someone reaches out to take our hand or wraps their arms around us to comfort us, that one moment can be the catalyst to positively shift our circumstances.  A simple gesture, like a warm embrace, can forever change the life of another.

I have a heartwarming scenario to prove my point.  This is a true story.  Bob was a freshman in high school.  He was considered to be a nerd by many of his classmates.  On a particular Friday afternoon, he was carrying home all of his textbooks.  Some of the popular boys noticed, and they began to taunt him.  One of the students deliberately knocked all of the books out of his arms.  As Bob bent down to pick up his books, one of the other boys came to his assistance.  His name was Gary.  After helping Bob with retrieving his books, Gary even offered to walk home with Bob.  Getting a chance to better know each other, they began to form a friendship.  As time progressed, Bob transformed from a nerd into a very popular young man.  He was even given special honors in his senior year.  In his acceptance speech, Bob thanked all those who had helped him along the way.  He turned lastly to his friend, Gary, with special gratitude.  He proclaimed to everyone there that, on that particular day when Gary first helped him, Bob was carrying home all of his textbooks because he was planning to commit suicide.  He did not want his parents burdened with the chore of cleaning out his school locker.  That one kindness-that one simple moment-dramatically altered his life.

The intention of this book is to demonstrate how we are so interconnected with each other.  Our actions always affect others in one way or another.  We continually transmit and share energy with others-both close at hand and also at a distance.  Therefore, it becomes important to accept the responsibility for our choices impacting the lives of others.  It is a heavy weight to carry, but it also is an exciting concept to recognize that each of us plays an important role in this crazy world that surrounds us.  Each and every one of us is a special spark of God's Love.  We are so important in His eyes.  When we help another, we always reap the benefits of our charity and kindness.  Love is incredibly infectious.  Negative energy restrains and inhibits us, while positive loving energy flows and expands.  Lovingly embrace another and feel the love travel back to greet you in magical ways beyond your own expectations".