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'A professional psychic shows you how to make your dreams come true'

 Patricia Dejoseph crossed my path a few years ago. From our first encounter I realized this lady was a definite signpost in my life. Her observations and intuition realized in this lifetime......The extraordinary talent that we would all be blessed to experience came to me with all its gifts. Do I feel lucky. ~ Thaao

"This book delivers a dynamic message of hope and an empowering guide to the unlimited power of miracle thinking. It is based upon my real life experiences and studies as a gifted psychic counsellor. My expertise has spanned a period of almost thirty years, and has encompassed people and clients worldwide. This guide will captivate your heart and inspire you to reach the greatest heights. I have truly felt the pain of adversities and challenging circumstances, but I have also discovered the magic of miracle thinking; and the miracles that it has manifested in my life. I have felt the exhilarating highs of conquering those mountains of negativity and fear. I can affirm the awesome power within me, and truly within all of us, that attracts prosperity and happiness into our lives.

This book contains a "how to" manual for creating positive change, and achieving unlimited success in your own life. Let me share the studies and personal experiences that formulated these lessons. Let me move you through the process and application of these principles. Finally, allow me to share some of the stories, which prove the validity of all the tools that I have presented to you.

You are entitled to receive God's abundance. God truly wants you to be happy. When you reach the summit of a mountain, doesn't the air seem purer - more invigorating? Isn't your view more expansive? Why be stuck in the fog of doubt and fear, when the view atop the mountain is so incredible - so magical!" - Author, Patricia Dejoseph.

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