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Thaao's words on working with Leann Hunley (Anna, above, and other Days Of Our Lives cast members).Scenes with Leann Hunley were so light-hearted and bad, in a good way. I could be a bit of a rogue and I remember a woman in the supermarket who said "I love hating you". I remember some of the sexiest scenes I did were with Leann.
Joe (Stefano), like some already very tall men around the Day's set, likes to wear boots with heels. Well, we were doing some photos for something and I figured it would be a torso shot, so I stood on my toes to be the same height as Joe in his high heels. Well, when the photo was published, there I was looking a bit funny as I stood on my toes. It was a full length shot. Joe had such a laugh at my expense!

Thaao left Days at the end of 1995. For some Days fans, Tony's return never packed the punch it should have. He was reintroduced as Kristen's fiance, but the entire romance had taken place off-screen. Tony didn't win any more sympathy when he failed to tell Kristen he had regained his sight after being blinded by an explosion at Maison Blanche. Then his fear that Kristen was having an affair with John Black drove Tony to replace her birth control pills with fakes so she would feel compelled to stay with him. "There was no lightness to Tony this time around," admits Thaao. "It was very dark."

Tony's demise takes place in Aremid at the family home of Kristen and Peter. After an elaborate scheme to frame John for someone's murder, Tony realises he himself is dying from an incurable illness. He then uses himself as the 'victim' and sets up his suicide, only to make it look as though John had killed him.
After Tony dies from gunshot wounds, John is then charged with his murder and sent off to the gas chamber. Of course John gets off!


Life Insurance

A good villain always has something up his sleeve. Tony Dimera, the exotic Days of Our Lives baddie played by Thaao Penghlis , died and was buried in 1995 when Penghlis fell out of favor with the show's head writer. But the actor didn't get mad. He got inventive. And as a result, he's returning to the NBC soap as Tony on June 21, with a long-term contract. "When they decided to put my character in a coffin, I thought to myself, "How can I beat this?" recalls Penghlis, who without discussing it with the producers wore clothes and displayed mannerisms in his final scenes that weren't quite Tony-like. "I also smoked a cigar, something Tony would never do," says Penghlis, "all to suggest it was really an imposter who died." Says new Days head writer Peter Brash: "Thaao very cleverly passed us a ball. We're running with it."

Hit...Welcome back to Days, Tony
From the moment Tony DiMera made his dramatic return at the Penthouse Grill--smack in the middle of John's surprise anniversary party for Marlena--it seemed like he'd never left Days of Our Lives, much less left seven years ago.
Clearly, Thaao Penghlis has command of this complex role--a skillful blend of diabolical rogue and valiant hero, a man trying desperately to right the wrongs of his father and clear the DiMera name.
Penghlis makes Tony fascinating to watch, particularly when John accuses him of being like the fiendish Stefano--his indignant tone is highly entertaining. Then, on a dime, he flashes that devilish
grin, completely shattering his good-guy act. But all the while, Tony never loses his charming, debonair aura.

Thaao & Deidre Hall - 2002

Tony's reappearance has reinvigorated a number of characters. Lexie finally has a DiMera peer as a confidant, instead of that simpleton Bart or the crazed Dr. Rolf. Colin, who had been wandering aimlessly for months, suddenly has purpose and direction as an unlikely DiMera ally. Sami has a new cohort. And, above all, John and Marlena, who have done little more than pine over their kids'
problems for months, now have some meaty storyline possibilities of their own thanks to John's obsession with bringing down Tony.
Kudos to the Days writing team for bringing back this intriguing character, and kudos to Penghlis for making Tony as delightful and captivating as always. The Phoenix has risen indeed.

As we are all aware, Thaao's final scenes on Days of Our Lives was at the end of January, 2004. Here are some photo's before his demise.

But, He's BACK!!! Stay tuned for more........

With Steve Blackwood (aka Bart)

'Tony & Bart' with the skeleton of Stefano

Thaao started back on Days in Australian on Monday the 21st of April 2008.