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Storm Over Sydney

Storm Over Sydney

Storm Over Sydney

On the island of Santorini

Room with a view!

Newest acquisition! A superb and beautiful painting by famed Greek artist Warlamis.

The Courtyard

Great teacher - Milton Katzelas with actress Joanna Cassidy

Doris Robert and the Greek Consul

Actors Rick Podell & Terri Hanauer

Doris, Milton & Joanna

In Cuba deciding which one to go out with!





Taos - New Mexico

Hair and makeup artist for Mission Impossible

Museum on the Island of Delos

My livingroom

Sherry Anderson - Head writer of Days - 80's

With Valerie and Joanna Cassidy

View from my bedroom

With a bunch of Greek in Australia

With actress Jean Peters

With Christine and relatives

With Ken Russell doing Altered States

With Leann in our youth!