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Welcome to the history in photo section of the web site. These few pages are dedicated to my early life in Sydney, my first modeling days and my family. I hope you enjoy........

An early photo of Pauline, Eva, George (in front of Mum), Connie &me

Me aged 1 year old with Mum

A lovely early photo

A thorn between two roses! A relative, George & Pauline

George, a relative, Pauline, Dad (Peter)  & Mum (Eva)

Budding actor!! - me aged 17

Aged 18 - one of the first modeling jobs

Aged 21 - First modelling job in New York.

First head shot taken in L.A.

Aged 26, First time in LA.

Aged 26 - modeling in New York.

My first TV cover.

The story continue's